Discrete mandates

Our sole investment focus is to generate superior returns for investors

Discrete mandates

Platypus provides discrete portfolio management services for Australian equities.

We harness the best of our capability to manage a range of Australian equity strategies. These skills can be applied to meet individual client objectives, whether they are focused on relative or absolute returns; seeking sources of alternative-beta; or low-cost systematic investment approaches.

Our capability

Platypus is a growth style manager with a small cap bias. We have an enviable track record in managing Australian equity portfolios with demonstrably consistent growth style characteristics.

We harness the best of our capability to manage a range of Australian equity strategies. This includes:

  • True-to-label growth style investing
  • Enviable long-term track record in Australian equities
  • Proven capability to identify growth opportunities in small caps and the Initial Public Offer (IPO) market
  • Expertise in developing low-cost, smart-beta strategies
  • Ability to combine fundamental and systematic processes to construct portfolios with attractive risk-reward characteristics.

Why invest with Platypus

Platypus provides investors with an Australian equity portfolio with demonstrably consistent growth style characteristics and an enviable track record.

We believe that when you invest in a relatively high-risk asset class like Australian equities, you should be seeking a risk-return outcome that’s significantly above the index.

Our fundamental belief is that companies should exhibit a track record of earnings and preferably dividend growth to be considered an investment proposition. We believe that share price performance over the medium to long-term is driven by consistent earnings growth; hence this is our primary focus.

Important information

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