Platypus Asset Management

A true-to-label growth manager, specialising in Australian equities

Platypus – a true-to-label growth manager

Platypus is a true-to-label growth manager, specialising in Australian Equities. Our sole investment focus is to generate superior returns for investors. 

We harness the best of our capability to manage a range of Australian equity strategies; including a high conviction true-to-label growth fund, and a low cost systematic growth fund. As a growth manager, an investor can expect our portfolio to generally display certain characteristics such as a price-earnings premium, high price-to-book and high return-on-equity.

The high conviction true-to-label growth fund invests in companies that grow earnings in a sustainable way, have a history of consistent earnings growth and a clearly defined future growth path. These companies must be led by management that we believe in and can trust. Our philosophy and process results in high conviction concentrated portfolios that are index-agnostic. Our portfolios are constructed with regard to the absolute risk-return profile of each stock and the portfolio as a whole, rather than being focused on benchmark-relative risk.

The low cost systematic growth fund has been uniquely built using academic research and market intuition to capture key drivers of the Australian share market.


Platypus Australian Equities Fund

  • True-to-label growth fund
  • Focuses on companies with strong future growth prospects
  • Small cap bias
  • High conviction portfolio with 25-35 stocks
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Platypus Systematic Growth Fund

  • Uniquely built using empirical evidence and Australian academic research to capture key drivers of the Australian share market
  • Quantitative (‘smart-beta’) investment process
  • Diversified, generally holding 80-110 stocks
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Our team

The Platypus team has been strategically built and carefully selected. Each individual possesses a passion for investing. The team are proud to have consistently outperformed its benchmark over the long term.

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Our joint venture partner

Platypus Asset Management was founded in 1998, and formed a joint venture with Australian Unity in 2006.

Not all joint venture models are the same, and it pays to understand the differences. The ‘strengthened by’ symbol is designed to endorse Australian Unity’s boutique fund managers, highlighting a level of support and stability that others in the market just don’t have.

Strengthened by Australian Unity