To find out more about investing with Platypus Asset Management, please contact your financial adviser or contact Australian Unity Investments on:

P:  1300 997 774
E:   [email protected]
A:  GPO Box 804 Melbourne VIC 3001

Institutional / Wholesale Investors

We recognise the specialised needs of institutional investors and tailor individual, discrete mandates accordingly.

For further information please contact Gary Adamson, Chief Executive Officer on:

(02) 8270 8204

Financial Advisors

For further information, please contact your Business Development Manager:

Luke McCormack
Head of Intermediated Markets
P: 0407 789 636
E[email protected]

Aaron Hallifax
Regional Account Manager VIC, TAS and WA
P: 0431 615 809
E[email protected]

Dale Robertson
Regional Account Manager QLD and SA
P: 0413 503 490
E[email protected]

Stephen Banks
Regional Account Manager NSW and ACT
P: 0458 528 464
E[email protected]

E[email protected]
P: 1800 649 033

Australian Unity Investments Adviser Services
1800 649 033

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