Platypus Australian Equities Fund

Total returns of over 8% p.a. since inception*

• Enviable long-term track record*

• High conviction growth fund generally holding 25-40 stocks

• Exposure to small caps

• Fundamental ESG analysis (read our ESG policy here)

• Active engagement agenda to drive change across holdings

• True-to-label growth style

• Minimum investment of $5,000

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Returns shown are after all fees and costs and assume reinvestment of any distributions.

Investment Approach

Platypus is a growth-style manager with a small cap bias.

Our high conviction, quality-focused approach means we invest in fewer stocks than most other Australian equity funds (generally 25-40).

Using a combination of top-down macroeconomic and bottom-up company analysis, we seek to add value by identifying investment opportunities with extended growth prospects at sensible prices. Shorter-term mispricing of stocks also offers valuable opportunities to add value to the Fund.

Why invest with Platypus?

Platypus provides investors with an Australian equity portfolio with demonstrably consistent growth-style characteristics and an enviable track record. We believe that when you invest in a relatively high-risk asset class like Australian equities, you should be seeking a risk-return outcome that’s significantly above the index.

Our fundamental belief is that companies should exhibit a track record of earnings and preferably dividend growth to be considered an investment proposition. We believe that share price performance over the medium to long-term is driven by consistent earnings growth: hence this is our primary focus.

Start investing today

Founded in 1998, Platypus Asset Management was strengthened via a joint venture with Australian Unity in 2006 who then moved to full ownership in 2022. This has provided us with many innovative resources and backend support services while preserving the entrepreneurialism, independence and flexibility of a boutique investment house.

About the Fund

The Platypus Australian Equities Fund invests in companies and trusts listed, or soon to be listed, on the Australian Stock Exchange that offer an opportunity for above-average returns through their growth potential.

The Fund aims to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index (before fees and expenses) over a rolling three-year rolling period.

Australian Unity Funds Management Limited is the Responsible Entity for the Fund.

Fund Performance


Total Return*
Active Return
1 mth %
3 mths %
1 yr %
3 yrs % pa
5 yrs % pa
7 yrs % pa
Since Inception † % pa

As at 30 June, 2024

* Total Return is calculated after fees and expenses and assumes the reinvestment of distributions. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

** Benchmark is S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index

† Inception date for performance calculations is 30 April, 2006. Retail units are closed to new investors.

Fund Snapshot

AUS0030AU (Wholesale)
Minimum Initial Investment Amount
Management Fees
0.76% p.a.
Estimated Recoverable Expense
0.12% of the gross asset value of the Fund for the financial year ending 30 June 2023*
Performance Fee
15.375% of excess performance over the relevant performance hurdle.*
Buy/Sell Spread
0.20% / 0.20%

* Effective 30 September, 2017. Inclusive of the impact of RITC (Reduced Input Tax Credits). Refer to the PDS and Additional Information Document for more information about fees and costs for this Fund.

Unit Prices

Effective Date 18 July 2024
Entry Price $1.655
Exit Price $1.6484


Frequency Half Yearly
Cents Per Unit 0.6545
Reinvestment Price $0
Period End 30 June 2024

How to Invest

If you would like to invest in this Fund, please contact your financial adviser.

Alternatively you can invest in this Fund directly.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Product Disclosure Statement, Additional Information Document and Target Market Determination prior to completing the Fund application form.

The Platypus Australian Equities Fund is currently available on the following platforms:
  • Hub24
  • UBS Wealth Management Australia Platform
  • Synergy
  • Powerwrap
  • Federation Managed Accounts
  • Oasis
  • Asgard
  • BT Wrap
  • Colonial First State Custom Solutions
  • Equity Trustees
  • IOOF Platforms
  • Macquarie Wrap Solutions
  • Ausmaq
  • Navigator
  • Netwealth

For more information, contact us.


    12/2/2024 Change of Auditor Announcement February 2024

     3/1/2024 Fund Payment Notice December 2023

     23/12/2021 Platypus Asset Management ownership update

     22/10/2021 Annual Report 30 June 2021

     5/10/2021 Internal Dispute Resolution

     26/2/2021 December 2020 Distribution 

     22/10/2020 Annual Report 30 June 2020

     23/9/2019 Annual Report 30 June 2019

     8/7/2019 Fund Payment Notice June 2019

     30/5/2019 Australian Unity moves to Spring Street

     3/4/2019 Consolidation of retail units with wholesale units complete

     1/3/2019 Consolidation of retail units with wholesale units

     10/1/2019 December 2018 Fund Payment Notice

     1/11/2018 New complaints resolution service for the financial sector

     25/9/2018 Annual Report 30 June 2018

     1/7/2018 June 2018 Fund Payment Notice

     27/6/2018 Reduction in management fee

     4/1/2018 December 2017 Fund Payment Notice

     26/9/2017 Annual Report 30 June 2017

     11/7/2017 Modification of Constitution for AMIT

     7/7/2017 Fund Distribution

     27/10/2016 Change of auditor

     28/9/2016 Annual Report 30 June 2016

     23/5/2016 Important changes to the Platypus investment team

     1/1/2016 Platypus Australian Equities Fund PDS

     1/12/2015 Performance fee change on 1 January 2016

     16/12/2014 FATCA / AML / CTF information requirements

    28/6/2013 Payments to financial advisers and intermediaries

    21/8/2012 Changes to Goods and Services Tax

Tax Information

The following information is provided for investors in the Fund. Please note, however, the information provided is general information only and current at the time of publication. It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. In deciding whether to hold or dispose of the product you should seek professional financial and taxation advice.

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – June 24

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – Dec 23

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – June 23

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – Dec 22

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     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – Dec 19

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – June 19

     Fund Payment Notice (Platypus AEF) – Dec 17

Important information

Units in this Fund are issued by Australian Unity Funds Management Limited ABN 60 071 497 115, AFS Licence No 234454. Information provided here is general information only and current at the time of publication and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Information about the Fund can be obtained from the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD). In deciding whether to acquire, hold or dispose of the product you should obtain a copy of the PDS and TMD and seek professional financial and taxation advice. This information is intended for recipients in Australia only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.