About Us

Our sole investment focus is to generate superior returns for investors

Our philosophy

Our fundamental belief is that companies should exhibit a track record of earnings and preferably dividend growth to be considered an investment proposition.

We believe that share price performance in the medium to long term is driven by consistent earnings growth; hence this is our primary focus.

We also believe that individual companies, market sectors and markets generally trade in well-defined valuation ranges. This provides useful entry and exit points, as well as enabling us to assess and manage risk.

Finally, we are acutely aware that all stocks suffer from significant mispricings from time to time, irrespective of the long-term investment proposition. These events offer valuable trading opportunities that can enhance portfolio performance.

Our team

The Platypus team has been strategically built and carefully selected. Each individual possesses a passion for investing. The team are proud to have consistently outperformed its benchmark over the long term.

Image of Our Team

Our joint venture partner

Platypus Asset Management was founded in 1998, and formed a joint venture with Australian Unity in 2006. Through this arrangement, Australian Unity provides a range of support services and financial products to some of Australia’s most astute institutions and a long established and loyal retail investor base.

Australian Unity is a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organisation providing services to around 1,000,000 Australians, including 300,000 members nationwide. Its wealth offering incorporates banking and investment products including specialist mortgage, property, fixed interest, equity and investment bond products.

The distinctive partnership model offered by Australian Unity preserves the entrepreneurism, independence and flexibility of a boutique investment house; while offering the professionalism, support and resources of a major corporation with a long-term focus.

For further information about Australian Unity please visit www.australianunity.com.au/wealth.

Strengthened by Australian Unity